Lara has been practicing chiropractic since 1997. She participates in industry education as an instructor, developer and learner. She continues to promote the importance of conservative care and exercise through the education of future chiropractors, evidence-based practice and learning.

The Degraauw family
The deGraauw Family
Francophone Games 2013, Nice France
Volunteer Francophone Games, Nice France
Teaching Technique
Teaching Technique
Pan Am Games 2015
Pan and Para Pan Am Games 2015

Work Experience

2005 to present

Co-Owner, DCHealth Centre, Pickering, Ontario
2005-2014 Co-Director, DCHealth Centre
1997-2005 Co-Director Duffins Creek Chiropractic

2001 to present

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)
2014-present Assistant Professor, Clinician Campus Clinic
2007-2014 Assistant Professor, Clinician Sherbourne Health Centre Clinic
2001- 2006 Tutor, Division of Chiropractic Clinical Sciences, CMCC


Independent Medical Assessor F.I.T. Rehabilitation & Assessment Centres Inc.


Private practice, Adelaide Health Centre, First Canadian Place, Toronto, Ontario

DCHealth Centre

Duffins Creek logoDuffins Creek Health Centre has been serving the community of Pickering Ontario since 1995. Lara deGraauw is co-owner with her husband Dr. Chris deGraauw. The clinic has grown into a multi-disciplinary facility including chiropractors, massage therapists, sports physician, naturopathic doctor and radiologist.

Duffins Creek Health Centre provides exceptional professionals to deliver patient-centered, evidence-based, integrated health care. This is accomplished through a consistent investment in selection, integration and education of our team. We feel our patient base and our community can achieve exceptional health through exceptional people.

Assistant professor/clinician CMCC

CMCC logoAs an assistant professor and clinician at the Canadian Memorial Chiropratic College, Lara teaches interns in their clinical year. The clinical internship course is the culmination of the Clinical Practice courses. Interns assume patient care under the direct supervision of a primary clinical faculty member, participate in rounds, attend symposia, complete a clinical laboratory internship, an x-ray technology clerkship, and a radiology interpretation clerkship. As a clinician, Lara has spent time at both the Sherbourne Health Centre and Campus clinics. The Sherbourne clinic located in the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto, specializes in under-serviced populations including the homeless, newcomers to Canada, HIV positive community and LGBT.


Research clinician in the CMCC based research project supported by the National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Title: Generalizing a valid control manipulation to a multiple operator, longitudinal RCT for chronic neck pain. Lara's position in this study is research clinician, administering interventions on study participants. The study is currently in its last phase of recruitment.
In her role as Assistant Professor Lara has also supervised student research projects and published a study on dragonboat injuries.


2003 – 2016

Continuing Education and sports sciences conferences
Fellowship Maintenance requirements and CCO, CE requirements


Sports First Responder Emergency training, May 10-13, 2013 Montreal, French


Fellowship with the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences Canada (RCCSSC)


Doctor of Chiropractic, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College


Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry), University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario


Currently enrolled in : Introduction to Teaching and Learning : The fundamental theories and practice of effective teaching and learning are introduced, exploring teacher identity and philosophy; determining characteristics, diversities and learning styles; discussing adult learning theories; exploring approaches to teaching and learning; developing strategies for designing and facilitating learning experiences; and assessing curriculum, student learning and teaching practice. These areas of adult education are examined utilizing self-directed learning, critical reflection and experiential learning strategies.

Sample presentations available in PowerPoint format. Presentation 1, Presentation 2, Education Program 101

Visit to UQTR in Quebec city, 2016
Visit to UQTR in Quebec city, 2016
Universite de Quebec-trois Rivieres (UQTR) Liaison Team
Université de Québec Trois Rivières (UQTR) Liaison
With the RCCSSC(C) board at the CCA convention 2015
With the RCCSSC(C) board at the CCA convention 2015

Professional Activities

Chiropractic Volunteer Services


Chiropractor, Host services, PanAm Para PanAm Games, Toronto, July 10- August 15


Panelist for CCA, "Getting Ready for the Games"
Webinar Volunteer Preparation, Toronto, June 5


Nice, France, September 5-17, Chiropractor Canadian delegation

In July and August 2015, I had the priviledge of working as a medical volunteer at the Pan and ParaPan Am Games in Toronto. In the spirit and excitement of a major games the interactions with the athletes are very memorable. Meeting and working with the Pan-American athletes and their support staff was a learning experience as well as building of relationships.

The Francophone games in Nice, France was a fantastic major games event with the multi-disciplinary health care team from Canada. Physiotherapists, medical doctors, massage therapists, athletic therapists and chiropractors came from across Canada covered this event. A combination of cultural and sport competitions the Francophone games are held every 4 years and includes over 40 countries. While major games leave an impression, so do my colleagues in the Ontario soccer association. I gained lasting relationships with the coaches and managers in the OSA after travels to Spain and eastern Canada.



Conference Committee


Université de Québec-Trois Rivières Liaison


Post Graduate Residency interview committee


Examiner and examination case development RCCSS(C) Fellowship exam

2011, 2013

Canadian Academy Sports Exercise Medicine Sport Fellowship examination, OSCE Examiner, French Stream CMCC

UQTRUniversite de Quebec-trois Rivieres (UQTR) Liaison: UQTR and the RCCSSC have developed a great working relationship through their chiropractic department and sport program, and in speaking french I am able to facilitate this. My role serves to help continue the communication between their sport department and the RCCSSC. It involves direct communication with the head of graduate studies, knowledge of their short program online courses and attendance at the CCSQ sport conference at UQTR.

RCCSSC logoPost Grad Residency interview committee: The RCCSSC has a masters-based residency program for practitioners in the field called the Sports Sciences Residency Program (SSRP). Applicants must submit their application package and successfully complete an interview to enter the program. I evaluate the application package and have been on the interview committee since 2013.



Research Clinician, Longitudinal RCT for chronic neck pain, CMCC


CMCC Budget Development Committee


CMCC Resident Interview Committee

2013, 2014

CMCC Disciplinary Hearing


Bilingual in written and spoken French and English, Currently using MS Office and Outlook
Membership with CMCC, OCA, CCA, CCPA from 1997 to present

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